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Christmas is coming and so the holidays sometimes, during the housework happen to neglect your hands, especially during Christmas in which between gifts and dinners advances zero time. Here is a quick last minute remedy  to get the softest hands. Among the many properties of baking soda is also the lovely property of to soften hands. 

You need 2 simple ingredients:
1 and 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda 
1 liter of warm water

Dip your hands into the mixture for about 10 minutes and your hands will be very soft! This Tip is very useful before the manicure!
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slepless night wake up in 5 steps
Sometimes a sleepless night, can be the result of a cup of coffee after dinner, stress and other things; I would like to share five tips on how to face the day after a sleepless night. In fact when the clock rings and I have the impression of being just returned from the Korean War, the first thing I do is:

slepless night 5 tips
  1. Stretching, actually stretch your bones helps to start the day and makes you loose the sense of disruption.
  2. The second thing I do is drinking water that helps to relax the skin and makes a beautiful shade. It also reduces the headache so drinking a glass on an empty stomach is a big help to start your day!
  3. The third thing I do is Taking a warm shower that alleviates the feeling of lethargy; during winter can be particularly annoying but if you heat the environment you won't suffer when you exit the tub.
  4. Breakfast of coffee and juice. Coffee is a good ally in this situation so I drink two, one black and one withe. Before leaving the house I also have a pineapple juice that makes me feel full of energy.
  5. I would not recommended to use excessive make up maybe just cover and correct certain areas of the face such as the inner corner of the eye and the little signs like pimples. 

At this point you will be ready to face the day!

Tip: For dinner you can prepare something that facilitates sleep: cereals, cooked fruit, fish, milk and green vegetables are among the foods that relax the body. Do not fear the mirror, bad awakening happens to everyone but with this tips you can live the day without stressing further!

The first scrub I did is really good but after a little while I realized that it is not the best for a oily skin daily scrub, so I created a new one perfect for my type of skin.

What do you need?
1 teaspoon sugar (preferably brown)
1 teaspoon lemon
scrub for oily skinAfter joining the lemon and sugar, rub your face with the mixture, preferably in a circular motion and after a minute rinse your face. Done! What do you think ??
In the old recipe I used in addition  honey and oil, that are not recommended for all types of skin, actually they are good for a dry skin!

Last year during Christmas time I was moving out in a new apartment and my makeup box has revealed me a nasty surprise: the powder, the blush and the eyeshadow were shattered! After a moment of despair, I thought about how to recover everything and guess what? I did! Read how to fix a broken eyeshadow..

What do you need?
Baking paper
alcohol (the red one) 
a broken eyeshadow, powder or blush

repair broken eyeshadowPour the shattered eyeshadow on the waxing part of a sheet of baking paper and with a spatula pulverize it; put it in the original container and add the red alcohol to make it thick and amalgamate being careful to distribute it in the edges to avoid a second break.
I suggest you cover the mixture with wax paper and press gently with a glass or something like that. After this let it dry and you'll have a new eyeshadow!

Ps: Don't be scared from the darker shade you'll have when you put the alcohol, that will clear after drying.
One of the most difficult makeup things is "choosing the best foundation shade". I had a lot of problems choosing it and sometimes I bought the wrong texture, during the years I read a lot about it and I've found my infallible technique. 

When I go to a new makeup store I choose some shades that seem similar to my skin and I put a bit of them in my jawline or in alternative in the middle of the chest. 
I determine the color that looks more similar to my shade just blending it: if it seems to disappear, well is the One I need!
The color fountation, as the concelear, is the most important makeup secret so please don't choose it without trying and buy always the right shade!

Lately I had some problems with my skin like excessive sebum and black spots but 8 months ago I discovered the Konjac Sponge that without any soap is making a miracle in my face.

What is Konjac exactly?
Konjac sponge
The Konjac is a perennial asian tuber that contains proteins, iron, vitamin E, B, C, D and a good percentage of carbohydrates; for this reason is used to prevent health problems and to make spaghetti and fettuccine very useful if you're on diet.

And the sponge?
The Sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable, incredibly soft and delicate, it is suitable for all types of skin and is perfect for daily face and body cleansing . The structure of the sponge is naturally alkaline and helps fighting impurities and balances the acidity according to the PH, moisturizing naturally. Since I discovered it  I made in a few seconds my daily deep cleansing with a gently exfoliating action; however I use my homemade makeup remover but I'm not using any cream because the skin is deeply hydrated. I bought my first Konjac Sponge in a fair trade shop at a cost of 4 euro.
Konjac for the face
How to use it?
Dip the sponge in water and wring thoroughly to expel water, gently massage the face with circular movements then rinse the sponge and hang it in a dry but breezy location. Do not store it in damp location because it will ruin the structure of the sponge.
Now I buy my sponges on amazon for less than 5 dollars and my skin is now beautiful!
For my birthday I received as a gift a beautiful perfume  with a nice smell but too strong. So I started reading as much as possible about this annoying problem like forums, websites and blogs. After many attempts here is the answer: YES, the perfume can be diluted and the process is very fast.
dilute a perfume

What do you need?
9 parts of alcohol 95 ° (the one you buy to make cakes)
1 part distilled water

How to proceed
Pour the mixture of alcohol and distilled water inside the perfume that you want to dilute until you get a lighter note. The result will be effective and lasting, so you can finally wear the scent of your dreams without leaving an annoying wake!
You have a Prada perfume (or whatever it's just an example), 100 ml but for you is too strong, well you can dilute it and make it 120 ml.